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Spanish Bread Railway TS Classic

Hersteller: simtrain , Hersteller Artikel-Nr.: 6052en
Spanish Bread Railway TS Classic
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Legends on rails

Spanish Bread Railway

„Limmat“ D 1/3 
TS Classic

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You need the “Zurich-Olten” route for the scenarios. 


Article No 6052en
Publisher: simtrain.ch
Developer: simtrain.ch
Language: Deutsch, Français, English      
Version: 1.0


On August 7, 1847, Switzerland's first railway ran from Zurich to Baden and back for the first time. Soon after its inauguration,
the railway was given the legendary name “Spanish Bread Railway” that is still legendary today. This is because the “fine” people
of Zurich had their messengers fetch puff pastries from a well known Baden chef and master baker especially on Sundays.
Previously, the poor servants had to set off on foot shortly after midnight so that their employers had fresh Spanish rolls
available for the Sunday morning table....
There were 4 routes in each direction every day; the journey time, including 3 stops, was only 45 minutes.
There was soon strong competition between the existing stagecoach routes and the railway. As early as
August 1, 1848, the horse drawn mail carriage service between Zurich and Baden was stopped during
the day (the train only ran during the day). 

In view of the 100th anniversary of the Swiss railways, the SBB main workshop in
Zurich, together with the SLM in Winterthur, created a replica of the D 1/3 “Limmat” in
1947. The fully operational replica is owned by SBB Historic. The locomotive is normally
parked at the Swiss Museum of Transport (VHS) in Lucerne.









The Scenarios

Baden trip 01:

- Vehicles “Spanish Bread Railway”
- Start: Zurich locomotive depot
- Destination: Baden
- Start time 9:50 a.m
- A comfortable special trip with the replica “Limmat” locomotive through the Limmat Valley from Zurich to Baden

Baden trip 02:

- Vehicles “Spanish Bread Railway”
- Start: old station Baden-Oberstadt
- Destination: Zurich main station
- Start time 13.55 a.m
- With as little disruption as possible on the busy route, we return to Zurich with stops at all stations


System requirements

Train Simulator TS Classic
Route Zurich Olten (for the 2 scenarios)
Operating system: Windows 10 / 11
Processor: Quad Core with 3,0 GHz
Random access memory: 4 GB DDR4 RAM (2666 MHz)
Graphic card: 2 GB VRAM
Free disk space: ca. 0,6 GB