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RhB steam loco "Heidi" G 3/4

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RhB steam loco "Heidi" G 3/4 RhB steam locomotive G 3/4 "Heidi" Download RhB steam locomotive G 3/4 "Heidi" Download SFr. 24.90

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RhB Steam Locomotive G 3/4
"Heidi" und "Rhätia"

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RhB Rhaetian Railway G 3/4 No. 11 “Heidi”

In the years of construction 1889 to 1908 at the SLM 16 pieces of the G 3/4 were manufactured for the meter gauge. The 1'C had a numbering from 1 to 16. The G 3/4 is a series of light steam locomotives, which was first delivered to the Landquart-Davos Railway (LD), which later became the Rhaetian Railway.

The G 3/4 No. 11 "Heidi" was also converted to hot steam by the Club 1889 and the company DLM AG: Also in this conversion, the entire cylinder mechanics was replaced by new components, whose characteristics compared to the original wet steam construction were not changed ,

 The braking system is ensured by a vacuum brake, a backpressure brake and a handbrake.

This Romantic Railroads add-on package contains 7 scenarios:

26 steam train    "Full steam to Küblis"

27 steam train    "Winter steam in Davoserland"

28 steam train    "Weekly Market in Klosters - 1"

29 steam train    "Weekly Market in Klosters - 2"

and 3 scenarios by Bernd Diehl:

BK01                   Steam in Filisur

BK02                   Special train to Klosters

BK03                   Coal transport in winter

In addition, you can also select these steam trains under "Quick Drive".

The configurations are: 

- Steam engine alone

- Steam locomotive with a mixed freight train

- Steam locomotive with a passenger train.


This allows you to continue to travel on RhB routes and other meter gauge routes.


Detailed service timetables are also attached in english to this product.

Print the service timetables before driving.


For the scenarios (Standard) you need the Heidi-Express from simtrain.ch.



Rolling stock list:

Steam locomotive

Passenger- and Freight cars

RhB G 3-4 Nr.11 Heidi

Gbk covered in brown

RhB G 3-4 No. 1 Heidi with snow plow

K1 gray covered

RhB G 3-4 No. 1 Rhätia

L3 gray open

RhB G 3-4 No. 8 Thusis

F4004 baggage car


RhB passenger car 1.Cl. & 3.Cl.


Filisur Stübli


D4052 Rhätia Stübli

System requirements:

Train Simulator 2012-2019

for the scenarios you need the Heidi-Express
32/64 bit operating system: Windows 7/8/10
3.0 GHz PC or other dual core processor
8.0 GB RAM
Direct X 9.0c compatible graphics card with 1024 MB video memory
600 MB of free hard disk space

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