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Giruno english TS Classic

Hersteller: simtrain , Hersteller Artikel-Nr.: 17205en
GIRUNO Download TS Classic
SFr. 24.90




Swiss trains 05   "GIRUNO" SMILE EC250


available now

Article No .: 17205en
Manufacturer: simtrain.ch
Developer: simtrain.ch
Language: German / English /Français

Version: V 1000




The "Giruno" is an 11-car articulated train for international traffic developed by Stadler-Rail,
the innovative Swiss railway builder.
As a multi-current vehicle, it can operate on the Swiss line network and on German routes with
alternating current, as well as on the direct current routes of the Italian railways.
Simple switching at the national borders and starting up the pantographs corresponding to
the country (CH / DB / FS) enable direct Eurocity traffic between the countries.

The Gotthard passenger trains essentially run on the north-south axis and provide the mainstay
of Switzerland–Italy services.



Teaser Video:





Operation routes






- 11-car articulated train for international traffic developed by Stadler-Rail

- 1 car equipped as a dining car 

- speed preselection

- security systems: ETCS, SIFA

- Display train type / destination setting screen 

- 4 Standard scenarios - screen text in german, english, french and italien

- service timetables in german, english, french

- manual in german, english, french